Asked Question?

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.

We’re located in Cairo, Egypt.

Schedule a conference call or a video call on Zoom. You’ll be speaking to our Managing Partners. We welcome you to throw any hardball or curveball question to try and catch us off guard, we’ll answer them with honesty and pride.

Our background covers a large scale of voice and non-voice processes, but our bread and butter is without a doubt customer service. Our reps have a broad background of experience; from customer service in Expedia, Vodafone UK, Western Union and even Samsung UK Tech Support.

I can guess what you’re thinking; “Okay so they worked with some big name companies, so what? That doesn’t say anything about them or their actual skills” And that’s true, previous experience is great and all, but for all you know they could have been horrible at their job.

To resolve these questions, we allow you to interview your potential agents, as well as have a personal guarantee from our Managing Partners, of our team’s proficiency in language and skill.

While not affiliated with it, Remote Owl follows COPC guidelines to measure, evaluate, and improve our Customer Experience Management. We strive to adhere to these guidelines where it fits, but are always looking to improve and re-adapt our methodologies as it’s one of our primary goals is to stay ahead of the curve.


For any new clients, we proceed with a 3-month contract to allow a safety period for them. Depending on the project and what is agreed by Remote Owl and the Client. Afterward, a long-term contract will be signed regarding the project length that was agreed upon.


For all projects, we go with a standard wire transfer service or you have the option to use Payoneer, who is Global payment company and is an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.

We usually work on a bi-weekly payment basis, but every project is evaluated separately and exact specifics are agreed upon by Remote Owl’s Managing Partners, and the Client to ensure maximum satisfaction of value of service.